New York, US | 2003


The design of the New Museum represents a unique opportunity to implement a fundamentally new museum typology. We propose a new museum type that is a dynamic hybrid between a museum of fixed movement process and the museum of neutral flexibility. The facade is the museum in microcosm, conceived as both a spectacular announcement of the New Museum's presence relative to the neighborhood, and a filter to the activities within it. More than a sign or a window, the facade is conceived of as a dynamic programmed zone at the building's face that will make visible to the city the movement and activities of people within. From the interior, it becomes an integral part of the architectural promenade, a space where the museum can reconnect to the life of the city. We propose the moire as a dynamic material symbol of the museum's status as a mediator between the social and cultural, the material and the immaterial. The facade moire is created by the superimposition of the structural bars that carry the main stairs, the principal vertical circulation route through the museum. The facade is a place that one continually revisits after passing through the sequence of galleries on each floor. It provides a space of reference and visual connection to the outside world, thrusting the visitor into continual, variable reevaluation of the place of art within the city.

Project Info

Finalist International Competition  |  Gross Floor Area: 60,000 sq ft  |  Type: Museum  |  Structure: Steel, Glass


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Rhett Russo, Eva Perez de Vega Steele, Jason Scroggin, Stephan Vary


Interns and Assistants

Akira Nakamura, Kenji Nonobe, Aki Eto, Yuzuru Kobayashi, Dong Wook Yang, Josh Mckeown, Jonathan Solomon, Akari Takebayashi, Chris Sullivan


Structural Engineer

Ove Arup & Partners: Mahadev Raman & Markus Schulte


Mechanical Engineer

Ove Arup & Partners: Mahadev Raman & Markus Schulte


Associate Architect

Peter Guggenheimer

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