New York, US | 2001


The crucial questions facing the design of a Museum of Art and Technology foregrounds paradoxically not the technology per se, but the physicality of space itself. It is pointless to fix the configuration of a building based upon technologies that are both fugitive in their effects and whose software and hardware undergo continuous replacement over time, Further, the spaces of this new type of museum must balance flexibility of use with highly specific environments in terms of their mood and character. It is only recently that such a balance between the generic and the inflected is possible. Avoiding the impoverished model of flexibility propagated by neo-modernists: a neutral scaffolding which by attempting to be good for everything are in the end good for nothing. We propose instead a series of flexible yet qualitatively vibrant environments for exhibition. Our proposal for the Museum of Art and Technology embodies a comprehensive conception of media. Beyond the relatively familiar associations of media with electronic technologies and dematerialization, there is a more inclusive model which is founded on the logics of material computation. Architecture and building is coextensive with this model and is the motivating concept for our building.

Project Info

Site Area: 500,000 sq ft  |  Type: Museum  |  Structure: Spaceframe, Reinforced Concrete


Project Credits


Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto


Design Team

Wolfgang Gollwitzer, Matthias Blass, Rhett Russo, Jason Johnson


Interns and Assistants

Tomoro Aida, Hideto Aoki

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